About Us

Aquarium Simple was created by fish and aquarium hobbyists who were frustrated about the low quality information about fishkeeping online. The topic is complex, and we wanted to simplify it.


Welcome! My name is Zak. My father has been keeping and breeding fish for almost two decades now, since I was just a boy, and that’s how my interest got started in this.

I’ve been fascinated with fish for a long time now. While growing up, I would spend hours with my dad at the pet store, browsing the aisles looking at all sorts of piranhas, betta’s, sting rays and other exotic fish.

Growing up, we owned turtles, small sharks, sea horses and other crazy animals.

During our journey, while taking part in many online discussions, we realized thousands of fish and aquarium owners are facing all sorts of issues with fishkeeping, including tank sizes, water temperatures, heaters and even just how to get started. A lotof the information you can find on the internet is not exactly great or simple.

I don’t qualify myself as a vet that can give you factual information on fishkeeping, BUT I am a seasoned publisher that is experienced in building teams that are qualified to give advice and that’s what we did with Aquarium Simple.

I wanted to try and put together the info I could never find online when I was attempting to build and maintain an aquarium.